2023 java universal subscription

Oracle Insight: New for 2023! The Oracle Java SE Universal Subscription

Oracle have further simplified all Java SE commercial requirements from January 2023 by introducing a single “Universal Subscription”. It ...

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java se license change workshop webinar

Oracle Insight: Java SE licensing – how to manage compliance after Oracle’s 2021 changes

Learn more about Java SE licensing from our Java experts Daniel Hesselink and Man Hoe Nguy With the introduction of the “Oracle No-Fee Terms and Condi...

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oracle no-fee terms and conditions nftc java licensing changes

Oracle Insight: What do Oracle’s 2021 changes to Java licensing mean for you?

Oracle has introduced the “Oracle No-Fee Terms and Conditions (NFTC)” license for the Oracle JDK – what do these 2021 changes to Jav...

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