CREATE A ROADMAP FOR AUTODESK’S TRANSITION TO NAMED USER Achieve a fluid transition and minimize the business impact We can help PREPARE FOR A MICRO FOCUS AUDIT Assess your estate to identify risks ahead of any potential audit We can help MONITOR YOUR QUEST ENVIRONMENT Minimize exposure through implementation of appropriate controls We can help REFINE YOUR TIBCO ESTATE Optimize your deployments to minimize requirements on high-cost licenses We can help GET READY FOR YOUR VERITAS MAINTENANCE RENEWAL Examine and optimize your estate to minimize annual spend We can help MAXIMISE YOUR VMWARE ELA Review your business strategy to determine the best option for you We can help

Tier 2 Publishers

Support and guidance with your Tier 2 software publisher licenses

Tier 2 Publishers Vertical Lead

Man Hoe Nguy

Man Hoe is a multi-vendor Licensing Consultant, specializing in internal compliance assessments, risk mitigation and audit defense. He also helps organizations realize cost savings through consolidating software deployments, contractual reviews and renewal support.

ITAA’s range of specialist licensing services extends to all the major Tier 2 software publishers. Our experienced consultants can provide support with each aspect of license management including audits, contractual queries and establishing your Effective License Position (ELP)

Many Tier 2 software publishers actively undertake software license audits and these can be unpleasant and challenging experiences for their customers. We can provide support at any stage of the audit process, whether assessing readiness prior to an audit, offering guidance whilst an audit is in progress or validating and defending any claims to help achieve resolution.

Even if you are not expecting an audit it is prudent to fully understand your entitlements and usage to minimise annual maintenance costs and ensure compliance. Therefore we offer stand alone contract review and ELP services which can be performed any time.

Tier 2 Software Publisher Licensing Services


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