autodesk licensing services

Autodesk Licensing Services

Our Autodesk licensing services include audit support, contractual review and establishing your Effective License Position (ELP).

As a leading Computer Aided Design (CAD) software provider Autodesk products are seen in most IT estates. With frequent changes to their product portfolio and licensing principles it can be difficult to keep up. At ITAA we offer a range of Autodesk licensing services to help address this.

Our Autodesk licensing experts have a great deal of experience supporting clients with their Autodesk licensing needs. We outline some of our core licensing services below, but please feel free to contact us with any query or concern you have – every situation is different and we are very happy to discuss your specific requirements.

  • Autodesk Contract Review

    The disparate nature of Autodesk deployment and procurement in many organizations can often lead to a multitude of contracts and licenses with potentially conflicting terms, pricing and restrictions. This is further exacerbated by the constant changes in Autodesk’s licensing. Through our Contract Review service we can alleviate some of the confusion by sifting through all of your agreements, contracts and purchase orders to:

    • Create a clear baseline of entitlement split by the various territory restrictions.
    • Identify any inconsistencies between the contracts and purchases including restrictions, pricing and offerings.

  • Autodesk Effective License Position (ELP)

    Our ELP service aims to help you understand your Autodesk environment. Our detailed process will guide you through the data collection to accurately determine your license requirements and compliance against your licenses procured. Through this process you will be able to identify:

    • Potential shelfware
    • Potential risk from incorrect license key management
    • Potential counterfeit/piracy risks resulting from a lack of controls in place
    • A comprehensive breakdown of utilization of Autodesk products across the estate
    • Potential rightsizing opportunities from an assessment of AutoCAD features in use

    Throughout the ELP service you will be educated on the up-to-date license models, historic transitions and current changes which, combined with the ELP, will allow you to accurately plan for any upcoming renewals or future purchases.

  • Autodesk Audit Support

    Similar to many CAD vendors, one of the primary focuses of Autodesk audits is to crack down on potential counterfeit software deployments. However, just because you have received an audit notification it does not necessarily mean that there are definitive counterfeit instances within the estate, often the data points are not necessarily conclusive and must be investigated further.

    Our service aims to guide you through this process and to challenge any over-stated results by verifying findings and contesting any assumptions from data ambiguities.

  • Autodesk Licensing Services – Experience and Results

    Our Autodesk licensing services draw on the extensive experience of our subject matter experts. Previous consulting experience includes:

    • Assisting clients in understanding their license consumption through periodic reconciliations and highlighting data gaps and process flaws within the current estate.
    • Identifying optimization opportunities resulting in a reduction of over 50% in a client’s annual subscription fee.
    • Supporting numerous clients on the identification of counterfeit keys within their estates and assisting in the implementation of controls to prevent future risks.