veritas licensing services

Veritas Licensing Services

Our Veritas licensing services include audit support, contract review and determining your Effective License Position (ELP).

With most Veritas licensing documentation being public, there is a heavy emphasis on customers to measure and maintain their licensing records, thus increasing the strain on their IT departments. The complexity with the license models and data discovery elements often lead to confusion and inaccuracies when clients attempt to assess their compliance internally. At ITAA we offer a range of Veritas licensing services to help address this.

Our Veritas licensing experts have a great deal of experience supporting clients with their Veritas licensing needs. We outline some of our core software licensing services below, but please feel free to contact us with any query or concern you have – every situation is different and we are very happy to discuss your specific requirements.

  • Veritas Contract Review

    With the sheer volume of data that can be present in the Veritas IBR/LAMP reports, in addition to any potential custom clauses from your agreement, it can be difficult to get a clear grasp of your current entitlement. This can be further exacerbated by any historic cross grades, upgrades, license transitions and the Symantec divestiture which may result in the loss of visibility of some legacy purchases.

    The aim of our Veritas Contract Review service is to provide you with:

    • A clear baseline of current license entitlement, support levels and legacy licenses.
    • Potential areas for further investigation.
    • Potential consolidation opportunities.
    • Any contractual ambiguities that should be clarified.
    • License restrictions beyond the license metric and quantities that need to be adhered to.

  • Veritas Effective License Position (ELP)

    To fully understand your compliance with Veritas it is necessary to periodically review the estate. The frequency of this should be determined through the amount of planned infrastructure migrations, as the Veritas data backup and recovery portfolio is inherently linked to architecture configuration. Through our Veritas ELP service, we will help you understand your environment by guiding you through the data collection process and providing an in-depth report:

    • Detailing the license compliance of your estate.
    • Optimizing the allocation of licenses owned (e.g. tier based metrics vs core based metrics in mixed environments).
    • Identifying any potential savings opportunities or risk mitigation activities.

    The deliverables will be able to assist you in rightsizing your environment, allowing you to minimize annual spend and correctly determine purchasing requirements for new deployments/planned migrations.

  • Veritas Audit Support

    With Veritas’ active audit program, performed either directly or through third party auditors (such as the ‘Big Four’ auditing firms), customers should be prepared by ensuring they understand the compliance of their estates at all times. The process itself may be overwhelming with the volume of data requests and documents issued; our service aims to help you through this process by:

    • Clarifying the requests and the key data points so you are fully comfortable in sharing any requested data and at your own pace.
    • Supporting the data collection and provision to ensure only the mandatory data sets are shared in line with the scope and security protocols.
    • Validating entitlement records in line with internal documentation.
    • Verifying any findings and claims made.

  • Veritas Licensing Services – Experience and Results

    Our Veritas software licensing services draw on the extensive experience of our subject matter experts.  Previous consulting experience includes:

    • Supporting a financial institute to right size their license entitlement to their estate in line with their planned migrations, reducing their annual maintenance cost by 15%.
    • Reviewing a client’s historic procurement records compared to Veritas’ provisions in order to validate their license records following the Symantec divestiture and create accurate entitlement baselines.
    • Supporting clients with planned purchases by analyzing the licensing requirements and modelling the various deployment scenarios.