IBM Insight: How to prepare for an IBM audit


how to prepare ibm audit

Learn more about best practices when preparing for an IBM audit from our IBM licensing expert Koen Dingjan

Have you received an IBM software audit notification letter? Or are you expecting one in the near future? During this on-demand webinar Koen discusses best practices when preparing for an IBM audit, including:

  • Establishing your entitlements position with Passport Advantage data
  • Performing a compliance risk assessment
  • Identifying high-risk products and completing an internal mock audit within time constraints
  • How to tackle processors based metrics (PVU, VPC, RVU MAPC) as well as non-processor based metrics
  • Reviewing ILMT data and validating that the requirements for sub capacity licensing have been met
  • Exploring and implementing remediation actions in anticipation of the audit
  • Next steps during the audit process

Watch the webinar on-demand here:

how to prepare ibm audit webinar link


If you are interested in learning more about how to prepare for an IBM audit we have published related articles, including what to expect from an IBM Software License Review and lessons to be learnt from Cimino v IBM (the IRS court case).

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding IBM audits please feel free to contact us.

About the speaker

Koen Dingjan, IBM Vertical Lead at ITAA

Koen is regarded as an industry expert in IBM licensing and helps ITAA clients manage IBM license compliance, prepare for IBM audits and defend non-compliance claims.

Koen has been working in IBM software license compliance since 2006. As a Deloitte auditor he coordinated and performed more than 60 IBM license compliance reviews. He was the main point of contact for IBM compliance managers, scheduling and staffing onsite reviews, coordinating and performing license compliance procedures, training and guiding junior colleagues and performing quality assurance reviews on final audit reports.

In 2011 Koen developed a two-day IBM compliance certification course covering all key aspects of IBM license compliance from an auditor perspective, and is frequently invited to speak at software license management conferences. In 2017 he launched Blue-LM, a unique SaaS tool that automates key IBM license management processes.

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