Oracle Insight: Java SE licensing – how to manage compliance after Oracle’s 2021 changes


java se license change workshop webinar

Learn more about Java SE licensing from our Java experts Daniel Hesselink and Man Hoe Nguy

With the introduction of the “Oracle No-Fee Terms and Conditions (NFTC)” license for the Oracle JDK the Java licensing landscape has changed again

The frequent changes to Oracle’s Java SE licensing policies have left many customers perplexed and struggling to manage their license compliance. What is considered commercial? Is there a potential risk within the estate? How many licenses should you purchase? IT security is pressuring the business to upgrade Java, is there a license cost associated with this? Are there any use cases which do not require Java SE subscriptions?

Join us to examine these topics and more as we review the various licensing changes over the years and explore how to manage Java compliance within your environment.

This webinar expands on the issues discussed in our article What do Oracle’s 2021 changes to Java licensing mean for you? and will cover:

  • Oracle’s licensing principles regarding Java SE
  • Discovery methodology
  • Potential alternatives to Java SE and some additional considerations

There will be time for Q&A so please bring your questions. Or contact us directly if you would prefer to discuss Java SE licensing in confidence. We look forward to seeing you there.

Watch the webinar on-demand here:

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About the speakers

Daniel Hesselink, Oracle Vertical Lead at ITAA

Daniel Hesselink started working in the software licensing industry in 1995. He held positions at vendors, distributors and resellers. His consultative nature led him to train partners and end users in the complexities of software licensing. As an auditor for Oracle License Management Services (LMS) he also trained new LMS and Sales staff throughout the EMEA region.

Since 2007, Daniel has worked exclusively client-side. Throughout the world he assists end users in actively improving their Oracle license compliance and strengthening their negotiation position against Oracle. Possessing both technical and communication skills, he is highly regarded as a leading expert on Oracle licensing and is a frequent guest speaker at Software Asset Management forums worldwide, as well as IT industry events as such as VMWorld and Oracle User Group.

Man Hoe Nguy, Licensing Consultant at ITAA

Man Hoe Nguy is a multi-vendor Licensing Consultant, specializing in internal compliance assessments, deployment optimization, risk mitigation and audit defense. With a background in Software Asset Management (SAM) Managed Service providers, Man Hoe has assisted many FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 organizations realize cost savings through consolidating software deployments, contractual reviews and renewal support. Man Hoe’s broad publisher knowledge and experience of various client sectors including healthcare, engineering, manufacturing, finance and investment banking allows him to provide pragmatic advice to IT teams of all shapes and sizes.


If you want to better understand Java licensing in relation to your organization our Oracle Java Assessment service aims to clarify the ambiguities and potential costs of Oracle Java licensing for your current and future Java deployment. Please feel free to contact us for more details or to discuss any other questions or concerns regarding Java licensing that you may have.

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