Oracle Insight: Licensing Oracle technology on VMware


licensing oracle on vmware

Learn more about licensing Oracle technology on VMware from our Oracle licensing expert Daniel Hesselink

It’s not the customer at risk. It’s Oracle.

For many Oracle customers, licensing of VMware is a hot potato. Daniel Hesselink explains why it is no hot potato, and why the pressure is on Oracle and not the client.

With a proven track record of over 100 projects, all his clients are comfortable in running Oracle workloads on VMware or other hypervisors: At the lowest cost possible, and without any fear from Oracle. During this on-demand webinar he explains the day to day experience in his work, and illustrates the contractual and technical arguments that lead to guaranteed success.

Key takeaways:

  • Better understanding of your ‘right to use’
  • Better understanding of Oracle’s position
  • Better understanding how to safely deploy Oracle on hypervisors
  • Better understanding how to govern contractual compliance on hypervisors

Watch the webinar on-demand here:

licensing oracle on vmware webinar link


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About the speaker

Daniel Hesselink, Oracle Vertical Lead at ITAA

Daniel Hesselink started working in the software licensing industry in 1995. He held positions at vendors, distributors and resellers. His consultative nature resulted in him training partners and end users with regard to software licensing. As an auditor for Oracle License Management Services (LMS) he also trained new LMS and Sales staff throughout the EMEA region.

Since 2007, Mr. Hesselink works exclusively client-side. throughout the world he assists end users in actively improving their Oracle license compliance and improving their negotiation position against Oracle. Due to his combination of technical and communicative skills, he is regarded as an industry expert for Oracle licensing and a frequent guest speaker at Software Asset Management venues throughout the world, as well as IT industry events as such as VMWorld and Oracle User Group conventions.

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