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sam recycling first

Learn more about why you should adopt a ‘recycling first’ approach to Software Asset Management from our SAM expert Rory Canavan

Have you been the wrong end of a digital transformation project, which looked to elevate IT from on-premises software into a bright and shiny cloud? Was a “copy, cut and paste” approach adopted in the hope that what went before is the way of how things will be?

Or perhaps you have started a SAM program, and the traditional mantra of SAM has you considering optimization after an ELP has been produced? Stop! With SAM you should be recycling first!

Whilst an ELP is called for by a software vendor a software vendor does not pay your wages – your company does. Therefore, don’t talk about having a lean IT estate, start with creating a lean IT estate: pay for what you use and nothing more!

Several benefits will arise out adopting a ‘recycling first’ approach to SAM:

  • Fewer points of entry and exit to the IT estate
  • Fewer versions and editions of software to support
  • Re-stock the license pool (on site software)
  • Re-purposed licenses can off-set unlicensed installs

And there’s more! Take the opportunity to find out how, as a SAM Manager, you can become the CFO’s new best-friend!

Watch the webinar on-demand here:

sam recycling first webinar link


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About the speaker

Rory Canavan, SAM Vertical Lead at ITAA

With a technical background in business and systems analysis, Rory has a wide range of first-hand experience advising numerous companies and organizations on the best practices and principles pertaining to software asset management. This experience has been gained in both military and civil organizations, including the Royal Navy, Compaq, HP and Flexera.

Rory is a member of WG21, the Working Group tasked with developing the ISO 19770 family of SAM standards – and more recently was the winner of the ITAM Review “ITAM Professional of the Year”.

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